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Google’s 3D animals can now be recorded on video

24 mayo, 2021

Although they have been hidden among Google results for a while, Google’s 3D animals have recently caused a sensation. The concept is simple: you can see 3D tigers, lions, bears and other animals in your room, thanks to augmented reality.

In addition to seeing them on the mobile screen, you could take photos of them to immortalize the moment. Now Google goes one step further, and you can record a video directly from the application, without having to resort to tricks such as recording the mobile screen.

Record your virtual animals

The operation is the same as always. You open the Google application and you are looking for the name of the animal you want to see in 3D. Google’s list of 3D animals is extensive and includes bears, dogs, cats, tigers, sharks, crocodiles, and many more. Among the Google search results you should see the section View in 3D.

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From the outset, Google shows you the animal in question with a white background, but on supported mobiles, those that have Google RA Services, the button is included See in your space, which uses your mobile camera to integrate them with augmented reality. To do this, you must point to the ground and move the mobile slightly so that it is “positioned” and can position the animal correctly.


This is when you will see the new option. Whereas before there was a button to take photos, now it is a circular button that doubles the function. With a simple touch you take a photo, and one long touch records a video. The maximum you can record is 30 seconds.

The result will depend on your mobile, although it is basically the same as what you see on the screen, but in video (and without the overlapping controls or any type of watermark). Videos are recorded in MP4 and include sound caught by your microphone.

Google is activating this record button on latest versions of Google application. If you still see the old button -which only takes photos- check if you have pending updates of the Google application in Google Play, or try your luck downloading the APK from sites like APKMirror. Apparently the required version of the Google application is version

Via | Android Police