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Google’s camera for cheap mobiles

26 mayo, 2021

In the middle of March we talked to you for the first time about Camera Go, a very interesting Google project to bring its camera (Gcam) to cheaper mobiles. This camera allows, among others, that single camera phones can take portrait and enjoy the Google processing that works so well on the Pixels.

We have been able to test the application, downloadable from Sourceforge, so it is appropriate to comment on what we will find with this camera application and what advantages it can provide compared to native camera applications from other manufacturers.

Camera Go: less than 30 megabytes of Gcam

Camera Go The Camera Go interface is pretty much the same as the Gcam, which is great news.

Gcam ported to other devices usually have a weight that ranges between 80 and 150 megabytes, depending on the libraries of each phone. A remarkable weight for a camera app. Camera Go pretends the opposite, offer the maximum in the lowest possible weight. Specifically, the version we have tested weighs only 12.2 megabytes (the APK), although once installed it reaches 24 megabytes.

At the installation level, at least in this first version, we have been able to test it on various devices, with Qualcomm, Kirin and Exynos processors. Although victory should not be claimed at the moment for this, as we will see later.

How to know if your mobile can install the Google camera, Gcam

Camera Go

The Camera GO interface it is practically identical to that of Google’s own camera. At the bottom we have the portrait, photo, video and translator options. In the Pixels we have night mode, portrait, camera, video and a “more” option that hides the panoramic modes, slow motion, Google Lens, etc. Camera GO loses features, but keeps the basics.

A useful function of this camera is that it will warn us when we can take few photos due to the internal memory. In the same way, we will always have a counter with the photos that we can take.

At the top we find a very useful function, especially considering that this camera is designed for mobiles with little internal memory. We can see the number of photos we can take before memory runs out, useful and curious fact. The options section is also relatively similar to the Pixel. Flash, timer and beauty mode settings. Here we lose the live photos and the full settings menu.


A few lines above we commented that we should not claim victory even if the APK works on all mobiles. This is because An APK has been leaked, but this is not enough. To enjoy the benefits of a Google camera on a non-Pixel terminal, it is necessary to make a port, that is, to modify the APK adapting to the hardware of the terminals that are going to use this application.

The translation is that there is no improvement when we use this app, since the Google processing that we are used to is not carried out. However, from XDA Developers they point out that they are already working on Google’s HDR technology within this application, something that can be a before and after when using it. At the moment, it is not recommended to install it since it is not entirely stable and there is no improvement, but it is convenient to keep track of it as it is more than likely that in not long time we will begin to see ports that will bring real improvements.

Download Camera Go | Sourceforge