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Google’s political side and its influence on Washington decisions

27 mayo, 2021

Google is the leader in many things related to technology, such as in million dollars spent in Washington on lobbyists and lobbies. The company run by Larry Page and Sergei Brin was “spent”: https: // million-in-2013 in 2013 more than 14 million dollars, becoming the top technology company in Washington and the second overall, only behind General Electric.

Like Microsoft, HP, Intel or Oracle, Google does not consider these items of money as an expense, but as an investment. Having the political support of both sides in Washington can have important consequences and influence the decision that public bodies may make that will affect the operation of these companies. As for example in “the decision”: https: // -by-internet from the American FTC not to fine Google after complaints from Microsoft and others that services such as Gmail or Google Places appeared better positioned in search engine results.

An article published in the “Washington Post”: http: // of-washington-influence / 2014/04/12 / 51648b92-b4d3-11e3-8cb6-284052554d74story.html? tid = tsThis weekend’s carousel detailed how Google sponsored three conferences at the GMU Law & Economics Center during the 18-month FTC investigation. In these conferences Google was in charge of inviting certain people who were to support its cause and defend its interests against the rest of the companies that accused it of not being impartial.

The article tells how Google decided to support both sides, the Republican and the Democrat, knowing that without the collaboration of the two parties he could fail in his attempts. Adam Kovacevich, who was formerly on Google’s political team, says that “one of the things we’ve learned is that it’s hard to get anything done in Washington if you don’t support the big two.”

According to the Washington Post those Google-sponsored conferences were essential in the development of the research, being able to affect the freedom of the people who had to make a decision that could decisively affect the future of Google.


Actions of all kinds

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Among the actions carried out by Google, the financing of research projects at universities and think tanks, investing in political non-profit companies or financing pro-business coalitions disguised in activities in the public interest.

Google’s political efforts began nine years ago, when it opened its first Washington office. This summer they will move into a new space of more than 5,000 square meters, almost as big as the White House. All this after investing in the last two years almost 30 million dollars in political actions and after to become the second largest company in the United States in spending on lobbies.

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