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Google’s ‘WhatsApp of SMS’ on your mobile

27 mayo, 2021

Google messages allows the use of RCS messaging in most operators, even if they do not have the compatibility officially. And it’s very simple: you just have to activate the chat functions within the application.

Instant messaging is not just a matter of applications, SMS has also evolved thanks to RCS messages. Created by Google with the idea of ​​deploying them among mobile operators, with the Messages application they can be activated even if the operator does not offer compatibility with them, at least in a good number of cases. And it is really simple.

Google messages force activation of RCS

Activate Rcs Messages RCS messaging is very similar to that offered by applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram

In 2019 we learned of a ‘trick’ whereby RCS messages could be activated on most phones even if they did not officially support RCS messaging (Rich Communication Service or Enriched Communication Service). Google Messages had everything necessary to use said messaging, but it hid the activation so that the operator could carry out the process. This has changed with the latest versions of Messages.

What is RCS, the messaging protocol with which Google and the operators want to retire SMS

The ‘trick’ of opening the Messages activity with the activation of RCS messaging no longer works because the application itself already offers it among its settings. To do this you need to install the Google Messages application, the more updated the better (you can even try the beta). Messages is the default app on Android, but maybe you already have an app for SMS (manufacturers usually install theirs): you can also download the one from Google, always bearing in mind that RCS messages you can only send them from that application.

To activate the RCS on the phone, the following process must be carried out:

  • Open the Google Messages app.
  • Go to the three menu points and enter ‘Settings’.
  • Go to ‘Chat features‘.
  • You should see the option of ‘Enable chat features‘. Click there and the activation process will be carried out.
  • When you already have the RCS messages active you will see that the status appears as ‘Activated’. In addition, Messages notify you of their availability.
  • In the event that you cannot activate the RCS, try clear all data from the Messages app, also to uninstall it to reinstall it.
  • Activation does not work in all operators: due to our tests we have been able to reproduce the process in several Spanish companies and that are not officially compatible with RCS.
Activate Rcs Messages

Once RCS messaging is activated, you can send messages, multimedia content, documents or location from the Messages application, as if it were WhatsApp or Telegram. The mobile operator will not charge you since only data from your rate is consumed (or from your WiFi, as in WhatsApp). Of course, to send chat messages the other person must also have carried out the above process to activate the RCS messages on their mobile. You will see the writing box change from ‘Text message’ to ‘Chat message’.