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Goyams, three seekers in one

27 mayo, 2021

Would you like to use several search engines at the same time from the same page? That is what it offers us Goyams, a meta search engine in which we will determine the percentages of results for each search engine, until 100% is completed since if you do not let us continue, we will obtain these results from the same page.

Thus, we no longer have to go around using the three supported search engines: google, yahoo and msn, since establishing the percentage of each one, according to our confidence in them, we mix the results of both in the established proportions so that if an engine does not offer us what we are looking for, another will offer it to us within the same list of results.


Also in each result we will obtain a percentage based on the values ​​indicated in the values ​​of each motor and its positioning.

Without a doubt, a metasearch engine that mixes the results of the three search engines, offering them in an environment similar to that of Google results.

Via | MoMB Link | Goyams