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Grambox, a complete suite of tools for Instagram with which to add frames, cut stories, make repost, etc.

26 mayo, 2021

Although Instagram has some interesting features to improve image uploads and create content, it is true that it lacks some useful tools like adding a white frame to fit large photos, repost, or add creative text. For this, it is necessary to install several external applications, so in the end you will have two or three more apps that you only use for a certain purpose.

Luckily, there is an application called Grambox that brings them all together. It’s completely free, open source, ad-free, and offers almost everything any Instagram user could need.

How to make good photographic use of Instagram

A Swiss Army Knife for Instagram

Grambox 1 From left to right: 9 Grid, Color Names and Creative Fonts.

Grambox has nine tools that can be accessed through a few buttons on the home screen. The first one is “9 Grid“, which is used to divide a photo into three, six or nine images to upload to Instagram and create a” grid photo “. The second is”Color Names“, which is a color selector. You simply have to choose a photo and touch the color whose hexadecimal code you want to know (ideal for uploading stories).

A little lower is “Creative fonts“, which is used to put text upside down, backwards or a combination of both.”HD DP Viewer“It is used to view and download the profile picture of the users who have the public account and”Glitch“To add glitch effect, save the redundancy.

Grambox 2 From left to right: HD DP Viewer, Glitch and No Crop Post.

Continuing down we find “No Crop Post“, which is used to add a frame to the photos so that Instagram does not cut them when uploading them (you can choose white, other colors or a fade of the image), and”Repost“, which is used to repost photos of other users by adding a small black or white banner with their username and profile picture.

Grambox 3 From left to right: Repost, Swipeable Photo and Video Splitter.

Finally, the last two tools are “Swipeable Photo“, which is used to cut a very wide image (such as a panorama) into several photos and upload them as a gallery; and”Video Splitter“, which is used to cut a vertically recorded video into 15-second chunks so that it can be uploaded in its entirety to stories.

As we anticipated before, the application is completely free, it does not lack any important function and after having tested it, we can say that it works really well. You can download it from Google Play.

Gbox - Toolkit for Instagram.

Gbox – Toolkit for Instagram.0.2.9