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Grammarly, the English grammar checker, incorporates personalized recommendations for native speakers of other languages

22 mayo, 2021

Spell Checker & Grammar Checker by Grammarly (or just grammarly, for most people) is an extension for the main browsers with the simple mission of pointing out and suggesting corrections not only for the spelling mistakes we make when writing, but also for the grammatical ones.

Although its fame among Spanish-speaking users is very far from that enjoyed in the Anglosphere, because its corrections are only available for the English language, is useful on those occasions when we are forced to write in the language of Shakespeare (or to try).

Now, the developers of Grammarly have announced the imminent inclusion of two new functionalities that may also be very useful to those users who do not speak English as their first language, although for now they will only be available to paid users of the service.

New paid features (and a free one)

First of all, to spell and grammar correction Grammarly will start adding the style correction as well, taking care that our texts are not only technically correct, but also more legible, for which it will suggest changes of tone and restructuring of our sentences.

Those who correct other people's spelling mistakes are cretins.  Science says

This new feature will also include format suggestions: enumerations of various elements will become numbered lists, and aspects such as dates will conform to certain conventions to homogenize them.

Second, Grammarly will also start offer personalized suggestions based on the user’s native language: We all tend to make mistakes, when speaking other languages, by applying certain patterns of our own language that are wrong when translated into English.

Therefore, knowing our language will allow the extension to more easily recognize these errors and make us the pertinent recommendations. For now, Only Spanish, French, German, Hindi and Mandarin speakers will enjoy this feature.

Grammarly relies on a combination of AI and heuristic rules to analyze sentences and suggest changes.

Besides that, an old feature for premium users will become available to all users: the side bar (see animated image above) that will collect, differentiated and classified, all the suggestions of the program to our text, in order to see them more clearly and facilitate the choice between the different options.