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Guide to renew the digital certificate of the FNMT

22 mayo, 2021

One of the most used digital certificates in Spain is the one issued by the National Currency and Stamp Factory. Are actually, different types of electronic certificates that allow the identification of natural and legal persons, as well as representatives, when carrying out procedures safely through the internet.

In this tutorial step by step we are going to explain you how to renew the digital certificate of the FNMT to be able to carry out all kinds of negotiations with public administrations without problems. It is a relatively simple process to carry out that, however, requires taking into account some details.

For the renewal we will have to have Internet Explorer on hand or, failing that, version 68 or earlier of Mozilla Firefox

The main one, as it usually happens when we deal with electronic headquarters of public administrations, is that we will have to have Internet Explorer handy for everything to go well. Or, failing that, version 68 or earlier of Mozilla Firefox. It is what there is and there are no possible alternatives.

How to renew the FNMT digital certificate

Renew Brave Headquarters 2020 05 04 19 29 00

Taking into account that the certificate renewal process may be carried out during the sixty days prior to the expiration date of the same (as long as it has not been previously revoked) and that we need to have the certificate available on the computer from which we are going to request the renewal, we will access the section of the FNMT website for certificates: sede.fnmt.

Once in it, we will select in the left column the type of certificate to be renewed: natural person or representative for sole and joint administrators. And, once inside your page, we will click on Renovate again in the right column.

How to register in the Cl @ ve de Hacienda system and carry out procedures online without DNIe or digital certificate

Physical Person Headquarters Brave 2020 05 04 19 34 47

The first step to start the process will be to identify ourselves with our certificate to be renewed, as we do when carrying out any other procedure, and the web will present the conditions of use of the electronic, computer and telematic systems to obtain certificates. to be issued by the National Currency and Stamp Factory, in force at the time of application. We will have to accept them in order to continue.

The request code that we will receive by email approximately one hour after requesting the renewal will help us download the new certificate

Once this is done, we will simply have to let ourselves be guided through the process and provide the information that they request. It is very simple. When we have completed the last steps, we will sign with our current certificate still in force and the renewal request will be sent. After a while, usually around an hour, in our email We will receive a communication from the National Currency and Stamp Factory with a request code that will help us download the new certificate.

Renew Google Chrome Headquarters 2020 05 04 19 40 23

We will then return to the section of the web dedicated to the renewal of our certificate and we will click on Download the certificate. We will enter the received password and we can download to our computer, which must be the same one used for the renewal request, the renewed certificate.