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Hangouts dies soon and we’ll have free Google Chat in 2021

27 mayo, 2021

Google has announced the latest changes regarding its family of messaging apps, one that continues to be a mess year after year. This time they have declared that next year we will be able to enjoy the new free Google Chat, directly within Gmail or as a separate app.

The new is mainly the name, Google Chat is what will replace Hangouts, which will finally bite the dust in mid-2021. Chat will have the same functions as Hangouts, such as direct messages and groups, plus some additional functions such as send to your inbox, faster search, reactions with emojis and suggestions of answers.

Google Chat is part of Google Workspace

Google Chat

Workspace is the new workspace that replaces G Suite and integrates Gmail, Calendar and Meet, and that has marked a complete change in the icons and the image of these products to become more consistent, although not exactly more stylized.

That is worth highlighting, Google Meet will remain a separate video conferencing application, because apparently Google needs to complicate life eternally with its messaging apps and needs a different one like Chat for text conversations, with a new name.

Google says that Chat will allow you to plan with others who have the same goals and interests, collaborate on files, and assign tasks to keep a group coordinated. They also say have strong phishing protections like Gmail, so when someone sends you a link through Google Chat, it will be verified in real time by Google for malicious content.

During the first half of 2021, all users will be able to start upgrading from Hangouts to Google Chat. Conversations, contacts, and history stored in Hangouts will automatically be migrated to Chat, although Google says it will share more specific instructions when the process starts.

Hangouts will then follow in the footsteps of Google Talk, Allo, and Duo and will go to the Google app graveyard. The idea this time is to have everything integrated into Google Workspace, and now we will see special Meet, and Chat tabs next to our Gmail inbox either from the web or in mobile applications.