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Hangouts replace your group video calls with Google Meet

23 mayo, 2021

Google continues with the dismantling of Hangouts, your messaging service that next year 2021 will say goodbye forever to be totally replaced by Google Chat. The application continues to lose features with its updates. If a few months ago it lost the option to share the location, now it loses one of its star functions.

Hangouts lose their famous group video calls, which had already become obsolete, so that their users have to migrate to Google Meet, yes, with a very poor integration.

This is the integration of Google Meet in Hangouts

Hangouts Meet

If you still have Hangouts installed on your mobile, if you open the application you will see a notice that will inform you that now video calls in Hangouts use Google Meet. It also informs you of the new functions that you can enjoy such as automatic subtitles or shared screen, features that were not available in Hangouts.

So you can send Meet video calls to the TV through the Chromecast

Well, this integration with Google Meet is limited to share a link inviting both you and your contacts to join a video call. If you want to make a video call you share a link, click on it to open the Meet application and you can join.

All group video calls will now have to be made by Google Meet through a link. On the other hand, for video calls between two people you can choose to make a classic Hangouts video call with the option “Call … with video” or choose the new option “Share the link of a Meet video call”.

During the first half of 2021, Google will forever close Hangouts, which will be replaced by Google Chat and Google Meet with a transition that, as we see, has already begun.



Via | Android Police