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Here you can download all the wallpapers of the most important mobiles: more than 2,200 wallpapers

21 mayo, 2021

Each new mobile that comes out on the market is usually accompanied by various more or less updated elements. The exterior design changes with respect to previous models, the hardware is renewed, each manufacturer usually adds newer software And, depending on the category of the smartphone, the brands incorporate exclusive wallpapers to differentiate their products. And thanks to these wallpapers, it is possible to bring a current brushstroke to other phones: just download the wallpaper and apply it as a background.

Where to download the latest Android mobile wallpapers from? As usual, they are usually shared whenever a new phone comes on the market, also when the leaks start to jump. Although there are places from which to download most of the published wallpapers, as is the case of a Google Photos folder that we bring you today: you have 2,260 different wallpapers taken from the most popular devices at your disposal.

Transform your mobile with new wallpapers

Wallpapers Google Photos

The Google Photos folder in question is owned by Umeda Ishan, aka AREA39-X. Umeda keeps the folder alive by adding all the wallpapers of the mobile phones that appear on the market, such as the most recent Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Xiaomi Mi 10, the latest smartphones to swell the list. They are original size wallpapers and ready for you to download and install on your mobile.

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You can browse the Google Photos folder both from your mobile phone and from your computer; and download each photo just by clicking on ‘Download’ from the menu. It is not that Google Photos is the most comfortable to organize this type of content since It is cumbersome to go down the entire gallery or look for a specific modelBut at least there are no size limitations – the images are in their original quality and ready to be applied as wallpaper. And you can join that folder: Umeda updates its collection of wallpapers continuously.

To access the Google Photos folder with the shared wallpapers, you just have to go to the service from this link. Give your Android a more modern look in a very simple way.

Via | SlashGear