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hippo, squirrel, giraffe and many more

21 mayo, 2021

One of the funniest features of Google’s augmented reality has to do with 3D animals. For a while now, Google displays 3D animal results in search results, so that we can not only have information about them on the web, but we can “see” them in our own home thanks to augmented reality.

The company has announced a major update in which they have added 50 new animals, with the same mechanics as always: they appear if you search for them in Google, within the mobile results.


50 new 3D animals for augmented reality

Google is updating its augmented reality animals to bring in quite a few new animals and breeds. We have a total of 50 new animals, which we can find in the Google search from the mobile. Android Police collects the complete list of animals and breeds of different animals that Google has added with the new update.

Google 3D Animals: How To Use Them To Bring A Tiger, Shark, Or Wolf At Home

As you can see, a good part of the new animals are breeds of dogs and breeds of cats, although there are also new animals such as the zebra, the cow or the hippopotamus, among others.

Being a Google update, it’s gradual, so all animals may not be available at once. However, in the next few days you should be able to see everyone on the list.

Via | Android Police