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how and when to watch the meteor shower online

27 mayo, 2021

Every year during the month of August there is the great Perseid rain (or Tears of San Lorenzo). In this ill-fated 2020, the phenomenon of The meteor shower began a few days ago, but until tonight, that of the passage from August 11 to 12, and until the 13th, the high point does not begin of this phenomenon that occurs when our planet penetrates at 30 km / s in the cloud of dust and splinters left by Comet 109P / Swift-Tuttle.

Although the ideal is to see the Perseids 2020 live, that is, with your own eyes looking at the sky, the problem is that with bright lights in towns and cities they are not always visible due to annoying light pollution. If you are in this situation, you can follow the rain by streaming, although seeing them in this way is far from impressive live.

Throughout tonight, and especially tomorrow night, you can see the most active moment of the 2020 Perseid rain. In Sky Live they have, like last year, a broadcast prepared on YouTube from the 1:15 hours in the morning of the 13th, in Spanish time. From YouTube you can set a reminder to notify you when the broadcast is about to start.

This year, the sky camera is located in the Teide Observatory and in the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory, while last year we were able to observe them from the Oukaimeden Observatory (Morocco), where they left this video:

If what you want is to see what the Perseids have given of themselves on the night of 9 to 10 (remember, less active than the next morning) from an observatory in Denver, Colorado, we can see this video that offers 4K resolution and therefore more detail than that of the camera located on Mount Teide:

If what you want is to see them with your own eyes and not through a video that you can always review, it is best to get away from light pollution. It is a good year to observe them with a waning moon, compared to others in which the state of the sky has offered very reduced visibility.