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How and why you should remove your phone number from Facebook

23 mayo, 2021

If ever you have added your mobile number to Facebook “For security”, this was not only used to show you advertising, but it also serves for anyone, with or without a Facebook account, to search for you through it.

The worst thing about this story is that, if you go to your privacy options on Facebook, it is impossible to disable the possibility of your number being used in such a way. If you’re not even using your phone number for two-step authentication, the best thing you can do is simply remove that information from your profile, and we explain how.

How to delete your Facebook account completely and forever

FACEBOOK keeps a record of ALL WEBSITES you visit so you can DEACTIVATE IT

How to remove your phone number from Facebook

Go to and log in with your user account. Click on the inverted triangle button to the right of the top menu bar and then select Setting.

Facebook Settings

Once there, choose the “Mobile” option in the menu on the left. If you have added one or more mobile phone numbers to your account, it will appear in a list and you can delete them all one by one.

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Below the number, click “Delete” and wait for the page to refresh. If you have more than one phone number, you must repeat the process for each one. Once you do this, it is likely that each time you go to Facebook they will suggest again and again that you add a number again.

Now, if in the same configuration panel you go to the Privacy options. There you will find an option that tells you who can find you with the phone number you have provided.

Screenshot 2019 03 04 At 15 32 10

This option continues to appear even when you delete your mobile number, and also cannot be completely disabled. You can only change everyone to friends, or friends of your friends.

Our recommendation is to limit it only to your friends. In Genbeta we have contacted Facebook to clarify if the mobile number disappears completely from these searches if we eliminate it, but we have not received a response.

Also, as other users have suggested, Facebook shares your mobile number with Instagram, and we don’t know if removing it from one social network will remove it from the other.

If you are a little tired of Facebook and its constant privacy scandals that constantly make it clear to us much of what is wrong with the social network, the other thing you can do is start changing some settings to be able to use Facebook without sharing your data with third parties, or if we want to be more drastic, delete our accounts to forever.