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How fast TikTok has reached 1,000 million users compared to other social networks

27 mayo, 2021

1 billion users, a round and dizzying figure that marks a before and after in social networks. WhatsApp, for example, did it in early 2016 and WeChat in the middle of last year.

If we talk about social networks of the moment, obviously we have to talk about TikTok, one of the great cultural phenomena of recent years. In a short time it has become one of the most downloaded applications in the world, consolidating itself as a reference for young audiences.

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Dizzying ascent

In June of this year it had 500 million active users, and at that time an unstoppable rise was already sensed. Financial Times has published an article about this success story, and one of the most interesting data is how quickly they have reached 1 billion users assets per month.

As we see in the graph above, TikTok’s curve is steep, and has managed to reach this iconic figure in much less time than such gigantic platforms as Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram.

Obviously, society and the technology market have changed a lot since platforms like Facebook or Instagram were launched, but what TikTok has achieved is really impressive.

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Another fact to keep in mind is that within these users are those of, a platform that merged with Tiktok in August 2018. At that time, had 200 million users (of which 100 million were active monthly).

Even if lately they have starred in some controversies (ISIS propaganda, the elimination of LGTBIQ content or the censorship of the Chinese Government), the truth is that this platform has managed to find the right key in some points.

For example, do not forget that it was released in Asia and they focused on a single format (video). Another key point is that allow content to be downloaded and published on other social networks, something that has helped non-users want to try the service.

There is a saying that says “What goes up fast, goes down just as fast”. It is clear that TikTok has an advantage over other social networks, which were launched at a time when there were fewer smartphones and fewer audiences for these types of apps. We will have to wait to find out if it is a sudden milestone or if we are facing a promotion that will reach other important goals.