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how it works and what is it for

26 mayo, 2021

We knew that YouTube was going to include an incognito mode since January, but with Google you never know how long it may take for a new feature to spread to all users. After it started arriving in May, it seems like YouTube incognito mode it is already reaching the vast majority of Android users.

We have been able to prove it, at last, and we will tell you how to use, what can you do with this new incognito mode and what is the difference between watching videos normally or with this mode activated. By the way, dark mode, for now, no sign.

Activate incognito mode


Activating the new YouTube incognito mode has no difficulty. First, tap on your profile picture in the upper right corner and then tap on Enable incognito mode, on the menu. If this option does not appear yet, I am afraid that the rollout it will not have reached you yet. Patience, it shouldn’t take much longer.


No sooner said than done. The first time you activate incognito mode, you receive a warning window indicating the benefits and limitations of incognito mode. Curiously, it seems that Google has only had time to translate one of the paragraphs into Spanish. Press Understood and you can now use YouTube in incognito mode.

What is YouTube incognito for?

If you have ever used incognito mode in any other application such as a browser, you probably already have an idea of ​​what YouTube is for, although this case is slightly different since it is a video service instead of a browser . In any case, it is the same concept as Google Chrome’s incognito mode.

Incog1 No incognito mode: Android and kittens. With him: random videos.

An important change is that the incognito mode takes you out of your bubbleSo the video recommendations are generic and, all told, a bit of YouTube’s worst. The Home tab behaves a bit like the Trends tab, but with less filter and videos of all kinds. The Trends tab, in fact, offers a selection of higher quality videos. The rest of the tabs (Subscriptions, Inbox and Library) do not show anything in incognito mode.

Nothing These three tabs show nothing in incognito mode

However, the most important thing about incognito mode is that you can watch videos and YouTube won’t remember you watched themso you won’t be using them to build the recommendations you’ll see in the months to come. Has it ever happened to you that you watched a video of something out of curiosity and since then YouTube has not stopped suggesting related videos? The solution is to use incognito mode.

Justin Bieber

For example, if you don’t like Justin Bieber’s music but someone picks up your phone and watches a couple of videos of him, you’ll have Justin Bieber in your YouTube recommendations for a while. What happens in incognito mode stays in incognito mode. In fact, YouTube will customize the recommendations in incognito mode, but these will not transcend to normal mode.

How to disable YouTube incognito mode

Disabling incognito mode on YouTube involves going the reverse path you took to activate it. Tap on the profile picture (which is now the incognito man) and then tap Disable incognito mode on the menu. YouTube specifies that the incognito mode will deactivate itself after a certain period of inactivity, although it is not specified for how long.

As always, remember that the incognito mode only serves to not save the videos you see on YouTube in your history and does not use your account to personalize the recommendations. Some administrator of your work / school network it might still know what videos you are watching.

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