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How much are Facebook shares worth? Infographic of the week

27 mayo, 2021

The weekend has served us to reflect on the departure of Facebook to the stock market, undoubtedly the stock market event of the year that at the close of the session last Friday, May 18, raised the value of the technology company by 105 billion dollars, one billion more than what was initially expected.

The shares were at the end of the day in $ 38.32, thirty-two cents above the starting price. Disappointment? Yes and no. That $ 42.025 had been paid at 9:30 AM and that it was paid at $ 38.01 at 11:54 AM was neither more nor less a consequence of the vertigo of the session that made it impossible to execute all the purchase orders. We will see how the market behaves in the first session of the week.

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Here is a preview with the market capitalization of Facebook and the approximate value of 28% of the shares it owns Mark Zuckerberg. To see the complete infographic, click on it:

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