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How much does it cost to download a book in epubgratis? Because free is not …

27 mayo, 2021

Users of electronic book readers are sure to know epubgratis, a directory where you can find a good selection of ebooks in ePub format ready to download via BitTorrent and copy to the device. At the time of writing this post, in fact, the selection is of 9959 books organized by author and genre, among other criteria.

Well, if I may be redundant, epubgratis is no longer free. Users who want to get a book there will find the unpleasant surprise that, at a certain moment, the Web will ask for their mobile number. And the joke, in case someone falls, it is not cheap in any case.

If someone is not attentive and follows the steps (provide our mobile number, then send a Premium SMS from our mobile and enter on the Web the code sent to the mobile as confirmation of a polytone subscription) they will pay a maximum of € 36.25 per month (€ 1.45 per SMS received in Orange, Vodafone and Yoigo, € 7.26 in the case of Movistar).

In the event that we want to deactivate this subscription, we must send BAJA to 795758, as indicated in small print and off-screen on the service’s own website. Another option is to call 902 747 895, a phone number that appears repeatedly in news related to phone scams.

The truth is that you have to have a lot of nose to try to do something like thateven with works that are part of the public domain. Because I have noticed, but maybe our parents would sting.

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What happened to

The truth is that we have not located “official” information about what happened with epubgratis. There are notes published by users in which they say that epubgratis had been working badly for a while, until about a month ago they posted a sign indicating that they were undergoing maintenance.

That is the last tweet of the account @epubgratis, publishing at the same time on your Facebook page. The website was available again, but in the current state. The impression it gives is that the website has changed hands and the new owners are simply looking for income. They previously tried to monetize the website by providing spyware executables, a move that drew ire from their users.

Obviously epubfree was not the only way to access free e-books. From Project Gutenberg to searching common BitTorrent trackers, there are plenty of options left.

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