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How much does it really cost to make a website, or an app? This page tells you

27 mayo, 2021

There are things that are easy calculate the price. Material, tools, labor and voila. But what happens when your material is source code, or your tools are an image editor and a layout designer? Or when work can lead to very different products? What if the project involves different types of professionals?

This is precisely what happens with websites and the mobile apps. They include so many different elements and can lead to such different results that at first glance it is difficult to know how much one can cost us. But now you have a utility that can help you with these calculations, even if only roughly.

The utility is actually two: How much does a website cost and How much to make an app, two web pages that, through a series of questions, they can help you get an idea of ​​the budget necessary for a Web page or one app. In fact, the same creators of these two utilities have a third one also online, which can help you decide if what your project needs is a website or a mobile app.

The prices presented by these two tools are based on the amount of time it would take to complete a standard project with the features you have selected, paying between 60 and 100 dollars an hour of work (from 53 to 88 euros per hour). According to its creators, the market rate for this type of work is usually in these ranges).

How to calculate the price of a website or an app

Using either of these two utilities is very simple. Just click the “Get started” button and answer a series of questions about the project, relative to the characteristics and functions that you want it to have.

For example, in the case of Web, you answer things like if there will be a login, if you will need a payment gateway, if you want buttons to share on social networks, if the web will have a search engine or if you will also want a CMS or content management system to update it.

In the case of the app mobile, the questions are geared towards things like the operating system, the method to monetize it, and how well you want it to look. Once you have the final price, you can expand it to see what you have answered in each question – although it is not specified how much each of them would cost.

How much to make an app

As I said at the beginning, these two tools only serve to give a Approximate idea of the cost of these works, since there are many other parameters to take into account. Most of us have certain ignorance on fees on these types of jobs, and these utilities can make those calculations a bit more accurate.

On the other hand, the questions that both websites ask to present the “budget” also allow get an idea of ​​everything that involves a project like creating a website or making an app, and everything that needs to be taken into account: design, security, user community, functionalities, social networks …

Precisely a large part of this difficulty in calculating prices is due to the fact that it is often not known for sure all the work behind of creating a website or an app – something these utilities shed a bit of light on.

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