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How much does Windows 10 cost and how can I get it for free now that Microsoft no longer gives it away?

23 mayo, 2021

Ok, that’s it. It’s over. Microsoft already has stopped offering Windows 10 licenses for free. With all that the Redmond have been insisting, the controversy that has had to update some computers without permission, and with all that we have also insisted, there are few excuses for not having your copy.

But it may be the case that you did not have original licenses of Windows 7 or 8 to take advantage of the offer. What happens now then? Well, you have to go through the checkout, now we will tell you the prices, although there is also a last alternative to be able to have it for free in exchange for cooperating in its development.


Wait, can you still have Windows 10 for free?

Insider Preview

Technically not, at least not officially or with the full version and stable that pay users enjoy. But there is a small alternative: that you subscribe to Microsoft’s betatesting program, the Windows Insider Program. With it, you will become a beta tester for free who will test the preliminary versions of Windows 10 and its updates.

If you have installed Windows 10 by downloading its ISO and you have not purchased a product key to activate it, you can start to receive Insider Preview builds activating the option in the advanced options within the menu Update and Security Windows 10 options. Once done, you will have to choose the type of ring and a few minutes (or hours) later you will begin to receive them.

Whether you want to do this step, or if you do not have Windows 10, before you can download the Insider builds you will have to enter the Windows Insider website and sign up with your Microsoft account. Once that is done, in the event that you do not have Windows 10, you will access a page from which you can download the installer for the betas.

The deal here will be as follows. You can have Windows 10 for free, but in return you will have to settle for it to be through beta versions. This implies that will be unstable and buggy versions, that you will be able to send feedback with the bugs you detect and that you will have to answer from time to time to some questions that Microsoft will throw at you about the version you are testing. Mind you, at least you’ll be the first to try the new features.

What are the alternatives to buy it?

Buy Windows 10

The first option to have Windows 10 complete is to get hold of a retail license (or RTL). They are the ones you buy in establishments or in the Microsoft Store, where the price of the Home version is 135 euros. On the other hand, if you want the Pro version you will have to spend the 279 euros it costs online on the official Microsoft website.

This type of RTL licenses allow you to install Windows on more than one computer. Its only restriction is that you cannot use your license key on more than one computer at the same time, so there may be problems when activating Windows if you do it on several extra computers.

On the other hand, you can also get an OEM license buying a new computer, since they are the ones that come pre-installed on them. Its great difference with respect to RTL is that they are always linked to a single computer, so once activated you will not be able to use it on any other computer.

And then there are Windows Volume Licensing or GVLK. These cannot be used by private users, since they are intended for small, medium and large companies. There are several types of them with different characteristics and limitations, and to obtain them you have to access through a specific page created by Microsoft for companies.

In Genbeta | Windows 10 is a rolling release, and will continue with the Insider program after the Anniversary Update