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How much is it worth to own for one minute? Google reveals the mystery

25 mayo, 2021

Sanmay Ved rose to fame in September 2015 as “the boy who was owner of for a minute“. Although the reasons that allowed him to do so are still not very clear (a bug, or a mistake when renewing it?), The truth is that Sanmay Dev was able to buy the domain … although the purchase only lasted one minute, since it was quickly canceled by Google Domains, Google’s domain sales service.

After the cancellation, Ved was returned the 12 dollars (11 euros) that had been spent on the purchase of the domain, but Google warned him that it would not give him any other type of reward. A month later, the company changed its mind and Ved received compensation. This move is not something extraordinary, but is part of a special Google security program, which financially compensates anyone who informs them of possible problems or vulnerabilities in their tools. But what we didn’t know – until today – was the Exact amount that Google gave Sanmay Ved after his “feat”.

All Ved said at the time was that the compensation was “more than $ 10,000”, but today, with the publication of the summary of the year in his special security program, we have learned in detail how the story ended. Apparently Google paid Ved the exact amount of $ 6,006.13 (about 5,500 euros), a nod to the domain name that Ved could own for a minute.

Sanmay Ved said from the beginning that he didn’t do it for the money: “I’m not worried about compensation, I wanted to set an example for people who like to find bugs and show them that money is not always what matters.” In fact, when Google initially refused to pay compensation, it took the decision smoothly, adding: “It better go to an NGO.”

“I wanted to set an example for people who like to find bugs and show them that money is not always what matters.”

Upon learning of Ved’s plans, Google decided to double the initial amount, and finally the more than $ 12,000 (about 11,000 euros) went to a non-governmental organization dedicated to bringing educational programs to the poorest neighborhoods.

It must be clarified that the compensation was not because Sanmay Dev was able to buy the domain, but because in the process, he captured everything and received several emails with internal information, of which then reported in detail to Google. In other words, the company has only made up for the discovery of a bug – and quite a serious one too. It so happens, on the other hand, that Sanmay Dev himself was an employee of Google for five years.

To this day, Google remains unclear how was it possible someone to buy your domain – if only for a minute.

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