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How to Access Your Recently Watched Videos and Manage Your YouTube Watch History

26 mayo, 2021

While we wait for the incognito mode to hit Youtube All video that we play will be saved in our watch history. Each of the videos that we are watching is saved in our Google account.

The YouTube watch history It is very practical, since it allows us to recover those videos that we have seen and that we do not remember their title to find it through the search engine, but sometimes we do not want a certain video to appear in our history. Next we tell you how to view the most recent videos you have watched and how to remove them from your history.


Recent Videos

Youtube Recent

In the new version of Youtube added the new section Recent that like a carousel shows the last 14 videos you watched recently. This section is found in the tab library and saves us having to click on History to see the list of videos.

From this new carousel we can remove a video from the playback history, add it to the “Watch later” list, to another list, or share it with our contacts through YouTube or any social network or messaging application.

Playback history

Youtube History

If we want to see the complete production list we already have to go to Library> History. There we will see all the videos that we have viewed from our Google account since YouTube began to save the history of reproductions, with which we will see the videos that we have seen for many years. There we will also find the same options to delete it from the history, add it to a list or share it.

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