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How to activate and organize Gboard clipboard, Google keyboard

23 mayo, 2021

Gboard, Google’s keyboard, has a great function that is usually not used too much: the clipboard. It is a function that we have to activate manually And, on a keyboard, it is not too common to look for small icons that activate specific functions, so it is easy to go unnoticed.

We are going to tell you how to activate google keyboard clipboard and what it is for, since it is a very useful option that can save us time on more than one occasion, especially if we send some recurring messages.

The Gboard clipboard, a somewhat unknown wonder


The Gboard clipboard, the Google keyboard, stores what we have copied in the last hour, except in specific cases that we will detail later. The main “problem” is that we have to activate it manually, so it is usually a great unknown. Activating it is very simple.

  • Open the Google keyboard in any application
  • Click on the folder icon
  • Activate the clipboard

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Once we activate the clipboard, any text or link that we copy to the clipboard will be stored in Gboard for one hour. What does this allow us? That we can have access to that information and copy it within the applications quickly. It is better understood with an example. Imagine that every day you have to send an email, WhatsApp message or others with a beginning of the style “Good morning, I hope everything is fine, I am writing to …” We can fix this text inside Gboard so that, just by pressing it, the text is copied directly within the app (Gmail, WhatsApp, etc.)


This is precisely the option we were talking about, which allows us the texts are kept for more than an hour. These fixed texts are not erased and are designed so that we can copy text on a recurring basis without having to write everything from scratch.

If we click on the button on the right, shaped like a pencil, we can organize the entire clipboard, moving each of the elements individually, deleting them, adding new elements and so on. As you can see, it is a fairly powerful tool integrated into the Google keyboard and that, if we get used to using it, it can save us a lot of time.