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How to activate Chrome’s ad blocker for Android

25 mayo, 2021

The expected Chrome abusive ad blocker It landed on PC in the middle of last February, and after several weeks of waiting, it finally reaches our Android devices as well.

Chrome for Android has enabled your ad blocker around the world. To use this novelty we just have to update the browser to the most recent version available in the Play Store and manually activate this “adblock” from Google.


No more invasive ads


Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, among other companies, have come together under the Coalition for Better Ads to put an end to those invasive ads that tend to flood many websites and that get many users to install blockers that eliminate all ads, whether or not they are abusive, affecting the income of companies that do not abuse advertising.

To prevent people from blocking all ads, Google now integrates its own ad blocker in Chrome, but they will be disabled by default ****.

Chrome Blocker Ads

Chrome for Android will always block pop-ups and mute self-playing videos, but we can go one step further by activating your invasive ad blocker to stop seeing more types of advertising on the web.

To activate your ad blocker we just have to open Chrome and go to Settings> Website Settings> Ads. There we can activate it to block ads from websites that usually show invasive ads.


When we enter a website with invasive ads, Chrome will inform us that it has blocked advertising from that website, offering us the option to allow that website to show us its advertising.

These are the invasive ads that Chrome will block

Chrome’s ad blocker will block a total of eight types of invasive ads that are commonly used by web pages to display their advertisements. They are as follows:

  • Pop-up ads: Ads that appear and block the main content of the page until it is closed.
Copy Of 2 Popup Mobile
  • Ads “on purpose”: Ads that appear on a mobile page before loading the content, prevent the user from continuing with the content until they click continue.
Copy Of 6 Presitial Ad Mobile
  • Ads with a density greater than 30%: Ads that occupy more than 30% of the density of the content on the screen.
Copy Of 10 Ad Density Higher Than 30 Percent Mobile
  • Flashing ads: Ads that rapidly change background or color intermittently.
Copy Of 7 Flashing Animated Mobile
  • Automatic playback of video ads with sound: Video ads that automatically play sound.
Copy Of 4 Video Mobile
  • Countdown Ads: Ads that do not allow access to content until a countdown ends.
Copy Of 8 Postitial Ad Countdown Mobile
  • Scrolling ads: Ads that appear when making a scroll and are discarded by making another scroll.
Copy Of 11 Fullscreen Scrollover Ad
  • Ads pinned on screen: “Sticky” ads that stay fixed on the screen and are always visible no matter how much you scroll the content.
Copy Of 12 Large Sticky Ad

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