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How to activate dark mode in the Google application for Android

23 mayo, 2021

What will dark mode have to make everyone crave to have it in their applications? Maybe it’s because of how well it works on OLED screens; or because it makes it easier to see the screen when night falls; or, simply, by the simple preference towards that type of interface. Dark, with black or gray backgrounds approaching the absence of light, with colored details for icons and texts that greatly facilitate reading. As with the Google app on Android.

Dark mode is not new to the Google application since we have given a good account of its appearance on several occasions. Now, as it usually happens in company apps, the aforementioned dark mode was only available for a very specific group of users; The rest of the people who regularly use the search application are left out. So it is great news that said dark mode is coming to all phones.


Dark mode now available in the Google app

Dark Mode Google App

As we said, the dark interface is in full expansion to all Android devices. This is how it appeared on our phones: just by having the dark mode active in the system settings, there is the option to turn on dark theme in settings; adapting the backgrounds to the grays close to black so typical of the company’s apps. The result is striking to the eye, also relaxing. Although yes, the entire application is not yet adapted since, at least according to our tests, Assistant is left out.

WhatsApp dark mode: how to activate it in the Android beta

To activate the dark mode in Google you do not need to have this mode in the system settings, nor have a specific version of Android: it should work on most smartphones. For it:

  • Open the Google application on your phone and click on the three lower menu points (in more).
  • Go to ‘Settings’.
  • Go to ‘General’.
  • Locate the ‘Theme’ option, pull down the menu and choose ‘Dark’.
  • In the event that the option does not appear, update the Google application to the latest version and repeat the process.
Dark Mode Google App

The new theme is consistent and solid colors. Near black backgrounds, new color details, and good consistency ranging from Discover to Labs beta options.