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How to activate data roaming on an Android mobile (and when to do it)

23 mayo, 2021

Now is the time to travel and, of course, we prepare the suitcase and everything that we are going to take with us, smartphone included. In general, you do not have to worry excessively about your mobile as it usually works without complications in a foreign country: most smartphones are compatible with international frequency bands (there will always be exceptions, you have to make sure of the compatibility in the technical characteristics of the telephone). However, there is an important obstacle when using the mobile in a different country: we will not have direct coverage from our company.

Since the operators focus on the coverage of the countries where they operate, they all establish agreements with each other to continue providing coverage to traveling customers. This is what is called roaming or ‘roaming’, a service through which the user does not have to worry about coverage abroad. Yes, you will have to worry about the cost of such roaming. And a lot.

How to activate or deactivate roaming on your Android mobile

How to Activate Data Roaming

Since a phone stops having coverage when it leaves the country where the SIM company operates, using foreign networks entails an expense for companies; what often have an impact on customers. Therefore, before traveling it is convenient to know how to activate and deactivate roaming, something very simple to do on Android.

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To check the roaming status on your Android mobile you must do the following:

  • Access your phone’s settings and look for the mobile network settings.
  • Check whether data roaming is active or not and choose the option you need.

In addition, each telephone company offers the blocking and unblocking of roaming from their own operator settings. It is usually enough to use their mobile application and / or website (you must have a username and password), but you may have to contact their customer service. Ask directly about roaming or roaming.

How to Activate Data Roaming Example of roaming activation and deactivation from the operator’s app

The above is regarding mobile data, but roaming also affects calls and messages: be careful when calling anyone from abroad or sending an SMS because it will have an extra cost if you are not in an area covered by the roaming of your rate. With another added: if you answer a call received abroad, the cost of the communication is charged to the caller. Therefore, our recommendation is that you do not call or send SMS unless you need to (you can use the messaging apps under WiFi, for example). Our recommendation is that you activate the diversion to the answering machine.

When to activate roaming

How to Activate Data Roaming Example of roaming message received abroad

Our first advice is that you go to the website of your mobile operator, look for the roaming rates and find out about the costs that will be involved in activating roaming in the countries where you are going to use the phone. Two things can happen at this point:

  • The country you are traveling to is included in your roaming plan. This is the case of the European continent: the territories of the Union do not apply extra costs to the use of the telephone.
  • The destination is not included in your roaming rate. The operator must offer a table with the price of calls per minute, the cost of SMS and also how much it will charge you for each MB sent.

If you made sure that the country you are traveling to is included in your mobile rate, you can leave the roaming or roaming button active: they will not charge you more for its use (it will be limited depending on the country you are traveling to). Otherwise, our recommendation is that you deactivate roaming before even traveling, both on the mobile phone and in the application of your operator. You can even remove the SIM card when you are at your destination, that any connection that gets lost can make a significant hole in the bill.

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An important aspect to highlight is that you may have to activate roaming within your own country because you have contracted one virtual mobile operator (MVNO) that requires it. In this case, you will not be charged more than what is stipulated since you are in the company’s territory, but you do have to make sure to disconnect the roaming of the phone if you travel outside of your country: you could have a good scare.