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How to activate Facebook dark mode in the Android application

21 mayo, 2021

After several weeks after it began to reach the first users, and after we saw it in the web version, Facebook’s dark mode finally comes to the app. And it is very simple to activate, we show you all the steps to darken your Facebook.

The fever for the dark mode in the applications has been dissipating as most of the important apps, and custom layers of the brands, included the option among their settings. Even if there are still irreducible that refused to obscure their interface, like Facebook. Its mobile app accumulates billions of downloads, so the company had to act calmly. After months of waiting, it begins to reach all smartphones.

Well obscured interface without reaching the black background

Facebook Dark Mode

Facebook has achieved great consistency between all the elements of its application once the dark mode is activated, both automatically (linked to the system) and manually. Interface backgrounds go from white to dark gray, the icons contrast in color and the buttons appear lighter gray to be as easy to see as they are to press. The mobile app is consistent with the dark desktop version.

The mega-guide to privacy and security on Facebook

The arrival of dark mode to the Facebook app is already spreading to all users. To activate the darkening you must do the following:

  • Open the Facebook app on your Andsroid.
  • Go to the app settings, the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  • Descend to ‘Settings and privacy‘.
  • Enter ‘Dark Mode’ and choose the setting you want: activated if you want to have it always on or ‘Use system configurationa ‘if you want Facebook’s dark mode to adapt to the changes you make to your phone’s settings.
Facebook Dark Mode

As we said, Facebook’s dark mode finally it is reaching widely to those who use its application. We have it active in the latest beta version: you can sign up through this link. In the event that it does not appear to you, you have no choice but to wait, surely not too long.