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How to activate Google Safe Search on your Android and filter violent or adult content

22 mayo, 2021

When we make a query in Google, the search engine can return any type of results, but sometimes we may be interested block results with explicit content, like pornography, if the smallest of the house use our or their own Android mobile or tablet.

Luckily and for our peace of mind, the search engine has tools for this and we can activate the “Safe Search”, a filter that takes care of block images, videos and websites with explicit content in Google search results.

Block results with explicit content from Google for Android

Google App

We can activate the Safe Search from the Google application that we have installed on our Android. To do this, we just have to follow these simple steps, and the configuration will be predetermined until we decide to revert it by following the same process:

  1. Open the app Google.
  2. In the lower right, tap More Then in Settings> General.
  3. Active Safe Search.

To reverse this safe search, we will only have to repeat the same process and uncheck “Safe search” in the last one, thus we will recover the results without filters for minors.

How to remove blocking of offensive words on Android

Block results with explicit content from the browser


We can also activate Google Safe Search from any browser simply by going to Google’s online configuration, which is accessible from anywhere. To achieve this, we will follow these steps:

  1. Go into Search Settings.
  2. Look for the “Safe Search Filters” section.
  3. Active Filter explicit results.
  4. Tap on Keep to fix the settings.

Once Google Safe Search is activated will be activated on all our devices that we have linked to our Google account. To see explicit results again we have to deactivate this filter following the same steps but deactivating the last point.

Google reports that the Safe Search filter is not entirely accurate, but that it allows us to avoid much of the violent and adult content from its search results.