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How to activate IGTV in your profile and all the details of the YouTube of Instagram

23 mayo, 2021

Instagram, with 1 billion active users per month, has announced the launch of IGTV, a video platform With which they want to attract creators and retain their users even more with videos of up to an hour in length. If before they went for Snapchat, now they go for YouTube. Although yes, with vertical videos. The challenge is not easy.

IGTV is integrated into the Instagram application itself, within the tab To find out, even if also has a separate application available for iOS and Android. From there we can focus on these new videos, which will last at least 15 minutes. Those of great creators or celebrities They can do them for up to an hour, while the rest of the mortals will have to settle for a maximum duration of 10 minutes.

We can upload videos of between 15 seconds and 10 minutes, although large accounts can publish videos of up to 1 hour

The IGTV premiere will have the support of well-known faces inside and outside the network such as Kim Kardashian West, Kevin Hart, Lele Pons, Manny Gutiérrez, Selena Gomez or Antón Lofer who will become creators. But any can be, so let’s explain How to get started on this new Instagram platform by creating a channel for yourself, the first step.

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So you can create an IGTV channel

Creation Channel Igtv Instagram

Create a channel on IGTV it is the simplest. You will need to update your Instagram application, have the IGTV application installed or access and you should know that the same privacy settings of your conventional account will apply to it.

  • From the Instagram or IGTV apps: We touch on the IGTV icon in the Instagram application or we open the application of the new platform directly, we touch on the gear wheel and then on Create channel. Simple.

  • From the web: We access our profile page, click or tap on the option Channel and finally we select Create channel.

We must bear in mind that from Instagram they indicated that IGTV would spread worldwide in the coming weeks, so if the options to create a channel do not appear on the web or the Instagram application, the best thing to do to create it is to download the independent application and carry out the process from there. As we have seen, it is very simple.

The platform is designed to be used from mobile phones, so the videos must be vertical

Once you have your channel activated, you only have to start using the service. Keep in mind that the platform is designed to be used from mobile phones, so the videos must be vertical, and that its approach is by channels, hence the name, which are still the IGTV profiles of the creators. If you follow an Instagram user and they have a channel, it will appear for you.

In addition, apart from being able to see the content of the people you follow, IGTV will show you videos that you may like based on your interests, as they have announced. What’s more, you can also discover content switching between the different sections that appear at the bottom of the standalone app. And as in the rest of the social network, you can comment, send videos or point out that you like them.

It remains to be seen if this platform manages to conquer the hearts of the creators and followers of YouTube creators. It will not be easy, of course.

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