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How to activate Instagram dark mode on Android

23 mayo, 2021

All the apps that want to be fashionable are slowly but surely implementing the dark mode derived from each operating system. The main apps in iOS 13 have it, and Android also comes with Android 10 although in Google’s operating system some play with an advantage as there are layers that have been ahead of those of Mountain View.

Instagram is one of the last to get on the train of these dark modes, also known as dark modes or night modes, which seek not only to match in design with the system itself when the user goes to night mode but also to save some of our precious batteries . Instagram’s dark mode has officially arrived today, and this is how you can activate it on android. It’s simple, you’ll see.

Activating dark mode on Instagram for Android

Activation on Android 10, EMUI and MIUI Activation on Android 10, EMUI and MIUI

What is the main drawback of this dark mode for Instagram on Android? That cannot be deactivated. No, at least, without deactivating the dark mode in the entire system, although we already know what we mean if we prefer to turn our entire phone to black tones, of course. But be that as it may, Instagram’s dark mode for Android arrives with Android 10, and also with some more advanced phones.

How to activate dark mode on Android: all available options

In the Xataka Android team we have tested it with phones with EMUI and MIUI on Android 9 Pie And, as it already has dark mode in its respective layers ahead of the operating system, the application has already skipped us with the new dark one, so we show you how to do it.

If you have Android 10 or the layer of your mobile with Pie already allows it, activate the dark mode in the entire system

To activate the night mode on Instagram for Android we only have to go to the phone settings and then to the screen section. There, if our phone already has Android 10 or if it has a customization layer that already includes the embedded dark mode, we will have a switch to activate this mode throughout the system.

Once we activate it, Instagram for Android will be one of the apps that adopt this new dark mode, turning the white background to absolute black, and the fonts from dark to light. It will undoubtedly be a way that those users who have OLED screens appreciate, as it will allow them to save some battery along the way. Not to mention those used to consulting the mobile at night since now the screen will give off less light than before.

This is the dark mode of Instagram for Android

So, you know how it is activated. It will be enough to have some layer with the dark mode already implemented or, simply, Android 10. A simple change in the settings of the phone screen and that’s it. We leave you some captures so you can see what the Instagram interface looks like in night mode or dark mode.

Profiles And Photos on Instagram for Android with dark mode Profiles and photos on Instagram for Android with dark mode
Comments And Settings on Instagram for Android in dark mode Comments and settings on Instagram for Android in dark mode