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How to activate ‘Ok Google’ on an Android mobile

22 mayo, 2021

The voice command integration with our mobile devices it has grown and improved over the years. If we talk about Android, currently, the star command is ‘Ok Google’, the “magic words” so that the device can start working with our voice.

We are going to tell you how can you activate ‘Ok Google’ from any screen and launcher, so that you can always have this interesting option on hand. Similarly, we will discuss some of the most useful commands to use on a day-to-day basis, as well as some useful Wizard settings.

Activating ‘Ok Google’ on any screen and launcher


A few years ago, before the arrival of Android 5.0 Lollipop, when activating ‘Ok Google’, by default, it only worked on the Google Now Launcher home screen. Currently, the application settings have changed, as we are going to show you.

  • Open the Google app
  • Click on more
  • Click on settings
  • Click on voice
Voice Match

We are already in the voice menu, so let’s click on Voice Match, the option that allows us to configure speech with Google Assistant. Here we will see the option ‘Ok Google’. As indicated in the option itself, activating this allows access the Assistant even if the mobile has the screen off, as well as overlap on top of other applications.

Activating ‘Ok Google’ allows us to invoke the Google Assistant with the screen locked, as well as to do it from any application that we are using at that moment

Thus, it does not matter that you are on the desktop of a launcher other than Google or in any application, saying ‘Ok Google’ The Assistant will be activated and you will be able to start saying the commands you estimate.

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Voice Match Record

If you have never set up Voice Match, you will be asked to register your voice three times saying ‘Ok Google’. This is Google’s method to create your voice pattern and recognize you when you speak to it.

From this section of Voice Match you can delete the voice model you have created and add a new one. Why is it important that the model is accurate? Because the phone supports as well as integrating the Assistant with Android Auto and Google Maps. In this way, even if you are driving and using these Google applications, the command will work in the same way.

How to make ‘Ok Google’ work offline


When you activate ‘Ok Google’ with your mobile connected to the internet, the Assistant will use the Google search and database to show you the results. However, if you want to add reminders, events and other functions that do not require a network connection, you can do it by setting the results offline.

We can use the Google Assistant offline by ‘Ok Google’ and the previous download of the language packs. It is more limited, but still functional

This is done from the voice menu, which we have already accessed to configure Voice Match. We just have to click on Offline speech recognition, Y download the languages ​​in which we want the Assistant to work. In offline mode everything will be more limited, but it will continue to work.

‘Ok Google’ Commands: What You Can Say to the Assistant

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One of the main advantages of Google Assistant is the naturalness with which he understands human language. Although we must be precise when giving orders, you do not have to be too rigid with the language so that he understands what we want to say to him.

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We will leave you with some commands you can tell the Assistant, related to the management of the Google account, device alarms, reminders and more. If you want to see the complete list of commands, you have it in Engadget. For example if we want to configure device settings without having to go manually to the terminal’s own settings, we have these commands.

  • Open Google account settings

  • Show my Google search history

  • Modify my Google privacy settings

  • Adjust Google security settings

  • I want you to call me ‘NAME’

  • Activate the WiFi

  • Turn up the shine

  • Open X app

  • Activate Bluetooth

Going to something more everyday, we can set alarms, ask him to tell us today’s weather, send messages, ask him the news of the day, etc. In short, when you say ‘Ok Google’, think you are asking for a Google search on your mobile. If what you order is relatively affordable, you will have no problem doing so.

  • Add an alarm at 7 a.m. tomorrow

  • Wake me up tomorrow at 8

  • Set the alarm for 5 hours from now

  • Turn off the next alarm

  • What is the weather going to be today?

  • What is the weather going to be this week?

  • Send a Telegram message to ‘mom’ (contact name) saying she’s the best

  • Add eggs to the shopping list

  • Put a song by ‘X artist’ on Spotify

  • Take me to the street ‘X’

  • Translate ‘Xataka Android is cool’ into Mandarin Chinese