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how to activate the app drawer in MIUI 11 before the official update

26 mayo, 2021

MIUI is on its way to turning 10 years old. Xiaomi’s proprietary layer has been running on Android since August 16, 2010, and since then it has maintained some characteristics quite immovably. One of them is to have all the apps at hand, distributed on desktops, in the purest iOS style that it imitated at its birth.

But now it seems that everything is about to change. The latest beta versions of Xiaomi’s launcher have shown how the Chinese company is introducing the possibility of activating, if we wish, the app drawer which is already traditional on Android. The official update hasn’t arrived yet, but we show you how to get it ahead of time.

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Checking that we have MIUI 11

Miui 11

The first, and probably only, requirement that we have to meet in order to activate this app drawer in Xiaomi ahead of time is to have MIUI 11, the latest version of the cape. The beta is inserting the drawer in one of its latest versions before the final one, and we will have to have our mobile updated to this MIUI 11 to be able to install the most current version.

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If you need know which version of MIUI is installed on your phone, all you have to do is open the system settings and check it yourself. The route to get to this information is as follows:

Settings> About phone> MIUI version

Any MIUI version number above 11.0.0 will be more than enough to be able to test the latest version of the system launcher, thus anticipating its official arrival through an update offered by Xiaomi itself. So, if you already have MIUI 11 available, let’s go with the app drawer.

Activating the app drawer in Xiaomi before the official update

Activating the app drawer in Xiaomi

To anticipate the official Xiaomi update that will bring us the pre-installed app drawer we have to go to APKMirror, the famous Android .apk file repository. There we can find the latest released version of it, which for now only those users who are signed up to the MIUI beta program enjoy.

We will need to download the version RELEASE- from the Xiaomi launcher, which is available at the following link:

Once the .apk file is downloaded on our Xiaomi phone with MIUI 11 we can install it directly. Perhaps the system will ask us for additional permissions, since Internet browsers (Chrome in our case) are not authorized to install .apk files directly. We grant the installation permission and voila, our launcher will be updated to the RELEASE- version.

With the indicated version of the launcher installed, it only remains to navigate through the settings of your Xiaomi and activate the app drawer

With everything already installed, we will simply have to go to the system settings to activate our new application drawer. The route is as follows:

Settings> Home Screen> Home Screen> With App Drawer

(If at some point we want to go back, it will be enough to repeat the path and select “Normal” and thus recover the multiple desktops).

Being a new function, MIUI does not have the configuration of our icons on the desktop stored in memory, so once we activate it we will have to place them on our own. Now, yes, we will only have to take out those apps that we want to have on hand. The rest will be saved in the app drawer with the rest of the apps installed on the system.