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How to activate the Google Assistant and on which devices it is supported

22 mayo, 2021

One of the current strengths of Android is its Assistant. Google has developed the best voice assistant of the moment, above Siri, Bixby or Alexa, including it in practically all the phones that go on the market, unless the manufacturer deactivates it for some reason.

So let’s tell you how can you activate the google assistant, as well as to detail which devices are compatible with it, although we already anticipate that it is more than likely that your device is.

Activating Google Assistant

Google Assistant

As we said, Google Assistant usually comes active by default on your Android phone, and just press the home button (whether virtual or physical) or move from the corners in the case of Android 10 to activate it. However, for some reason you may not have it active, so it is convenient to know how can we activate it manually.

The activation of the Google Assistant is quite hidden among the settings, but it is easy to achieve it if we take the right steps

To do this, we must open google app, pre-installed on all Android devices (except those that do not have Google services). Once we have the app open we will go to ‘More’, to later click on ‘Settings’. Once we are inside this menu, we will click on ‘Assistant’, and within this submenu we will look for the ‘telephone’ section.

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After all these not too intuitive steps, we will finally see the interface we are looking for: the one that allows us to activate and deactivate the google assistant at will. Just activate the little toggle to start the wizardYou can also configure the input, voice output and other methods from here.

Requirements for the Google Assistant


Regarding the Google Assistant requirements, luckily, they are quite low. The Google Assistant requires, first of all, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, quite old Android version released in 2015. Second, requires 1.5 GB of RAM and 720p (HD) resolution. Finally, it requires that we have updated Google Play services, as well as the Google application (Google app 6.13 or higher).

At the moment most mobiles come with the Google Assistant activated. However, if you can’t find it anywhere, make sure you have both the Google application and the Google Assistant application installed.