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How to activate the official dark mode of WhatsApp web manually

23 mayo, 2021

WhatsApp began activating the dark mode in its application at the beginning of the year, although it is still pending to reach the versions of WhatsApp for PC. The web version of WhatsApp it already has its official dark mode, although there is no setting or button to activate it. Luckily, it is still possible to activate it manually.

If you want to have dark WhatsApp on your PC without installing unofficial extensions or modifications, there is a very simple way to force WhatsApp web to use dark mode, although there is still no option to change it.


WhatsApp Web in dark mode

The dark mode has been pending for months to reach the web version of WhatsApp, although the good news is that it seems to be almost ready to be official. So much so that by making a small change on the website you can change from normal style to official dark style.

The main difference from other methods available in the past is that this dark mode is the official WhatsApp, present on its website but which is not accessible at the moment, as there is no option to modify the theme.

The dark mode of our mobiles and computers has its drawbacks: not everything that glitters is gold

To achieve this you need to change the style of the web page. Instead of using the normal style, you should use the style for dark called internally ‘dark’. There are several ways to achieve this, although one of the simplest and one that should work is to type this in the address bar of the browser, after opening WhatsApp Web.



If all went well, the WhatsApp interface will go from light to dark immediately, and it will stay that way until you refresh the page. The change is not permanent, so you will have to do the same the next time you open WhatsApp Web again. If doing so you see a Google search, make sure the “javascript:” is included at the beginning.

If for some reason the above method does not work for you in your browser, you can try do the same from the developer tools from your browser. In Google Chrome, open WhatsApp Web and right click anywhere on the page to choose To inspect on the menu.


Scroll up the list until you see the item

, approximately on the fourth line of the tab Elements. Double click on class = “web” to write, so instead of putting class = “web”, put class = “dark”. The result should be the same as the previous one: WhatsApp web with official dark mode, before it is available to everyone.

Via | WaBetaInfo