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How to activate the option in WhatsApp to avoid being added to groups without your permission

24 mayo, 2021

Finally, WhatsApp has begun to activate the option that allows us to avoid being added to a group without our consent. To activate it, we will simply have to go to Settings, click on “Account” and then in “Privacy”. There should appear a new option called “Groups”, in which three options will appear: all (do not avoid invitations), my contacts (only the people who are in your agenda) and except (choose which contacts cannot add you to groups) . The option may not appear yet, but WhatsApp is gradually rolling it out and you should be able to access it in the next few days.

It has happened to me several times that suddenly my mobile phone starts emitting notifications like crazy, and when I go to check what happens I realize that they have put me back in a WhatsApp group where I would not want to be.

The platform seems to want to avoid this type of situation, and has launched a functionality that will allow us to control which contacts can add us to WhatsApp groups.

So they can spy on your WhatsApp groups, but taking advantage of this flaw is not easy

How to activate this function in Settings

This new functionality has reached some users today (already listed in the app settings in India) and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

In order to activate this function, we will simply have to open WhatsApp on our mobile phone, go to Settings> Account> Privacy. When it is active in our country, we will see an option that says “Groups”.

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Here we can choose between three types of configurations, which will allow us to define which contacts can add us to a group (with or without invitation):

  • No one: this way no one can add us without an invitation
  • My contacts: only your contacts will be able to add you to a group without invitation
  • Any: anyone can add you to a group without sending an invitation

Let’s not forget that when we are added to a group the rest of the contacts can see our phone number, which doesn’t sound too good in terms of privacy. Berto Romero knows the problems that this entails: