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How to activate YouTube dark mode

26 mayo, 2021

If you are one of those who spends hours on YouTube every day watching videos almost non-stop, it is likely that you have ever wondered why there is no such thing as a dark mode on that website that does not end by leaving your eyes burning with such brightness of the white background.

Many choose to use third-party extensions to bring a more comfortable experience, but luckily it will no longer be necessary. YouTube already has its own dark themeIt’s just a little hidden. Activating it is quite simple and we show you how.

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Enter YouTube, log in with your account, click on your avatar, or what is the same, try to open the YouTube configuration, and the options panel will appear where the option is included Dark theme.

Youtube Dark Mode

Just click on it and in the following message, confirm the selection. You can enjoy a YouTube completely dark, very similar to the experience offered on YouTube Gaming.

Youtube Dark Mode

To get back on track, just repeat the same steps. When you log out, the dark theme may turn off on its own. It also happens if you empty browser data, such as temporary files and cache.

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