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How to add emergency information on a Huawei mobile

26 mayo, 2021

One of the benefits of customization layers is that they often add features that don’t come standard on Android. EMUI is not exactly an exception and includes an emergency mode much more complete than the one included in Android factory. At least, until Google’s ‘Personal Safety’ feature is extended.

Many Android mobiles include the possibility of including emergency information (it was officially added in Android Nougat) although not all add distress messages for you to send when you’re in trouble. In EMUI it is possible to do both.

Information and emergency contacts in EMUI

On the one hand there is the emergency information, which is a series of personal data that remains accessible on the phone. This way, if you have an emergency, the emergency services will be able to consult your phone and see data such as your blood group, allergies or contacts to notify.

How to customize your Huawei mobile with EMUI to the fullest

Including emergency information on a mobile with EMUI involves navigating a bit through the menus. In the settings you must enter Security and privacy, walk into SOS emergency and finally tap on Emergency information, included in the explanatory text.


Here you can fill in data like you name, address, blood group, allergies, medications you are taking, if you are a blood donor or any other detail that you think is relevant in the event that you have an emergency.

Tapping on Emergency contacts You can add a list of contacts that you would like the emergency services to contact in case you have a problem. Later we will see that these contacts are also used for SOS messages sent from the mobile.


Emergency information is about a passive safety measure, which you leave on your mobile with the idea that, in the event that you have a problem, the emergency services can access important and relevant data.

To access it, it is not necessary to unlock the phone, but it is necessary to press the button EMERGENCY on the dialer to enter the PIN. This opens a window with a phone dialer that will only accept emergency calls, including the current address for your reference at the top. To see the complete information it is necessary to touch Emergency information.

Tell me

From this section all the sections that you included before (name, blood group, medicines, etc) are visible. It is also possible to do phone calls to emergency contacts, even if the mobile is locked.

Emergency messages in EMUI

It looks like the above, although it is not the same. The main difference is that emergency messages are an active safety measure. That is, in case you have an emergency, do not wait for someone to take your mobile and look at the information, but you activate the SOS message yourself.

It is in the same section as the emergency information, but it must be borne in mind that it is not normally activated by default. You must activate the option Also send SOS message and have added at least one emergency contact.


To activate emergency messages you must press the power button five times in a row, which opens a special screen with a three-second countdown in case you activated it by mistake.

Quick access is then displayed for call different emergency numbers (police, fire, ambulance …), as well as the contacts you have added to the emergency contact list. Quick access for emergency information is also included.


However, the most interesting thing about this emergency mode is that automatically send SMS to your emergency contacts, including current location and coordinates. Messages periodically continue to send the new location until 30 messages are sent or you deactivate emergency mode.


This feature can save your life, although you must remember to activate and configure it correctly. The only downside is that you accidentally activate the emergency mode and give him a major scare to your contacts, but the truth is that not every day you quickly press the power button five times without realizing it.