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How to add nicknames to your cards in Google Pay

24 mayo, 2021

If you have added several credit and / or debit cards to the payment platform Google Pay to pay online and in stores, and it is difficult for you to know which entity each card is from, then you will like the next novelty.

The latest version of Google Pay has been updated to allow us name our cards, so we will no longer have to memorize the last four numbers to know with which card we are paying.

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Add a nickname to a card

Google Pay Nickname

To add a name we just have to open the application Google Pay, go to tab Pay, click on a card and look for the new option Add nickname. There we can assign a name of up to 25 characters.

Google Pay Nicknames Left: no nicknames | Right: with nicknames

Once we have given our cards a nickname in the main view of the application, we will see their names instead of their last four digits. Only in the cards supported for contactless payments we will see the bank’s design, in the unsupported we will see only the Visa, Mastercard or American Express icon.

Thanks to the nicknames we will have no more doubts about which bank each card is from. The only problem at the moment is that the nicknames only appear in the Google Pay application, they have not implemented this feature in the web version yet, but it is expected that it will soon show the nicknames as well.

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Via | Android Police