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How to apply for the Minimum Living Income online

26 mayo, 2021

The Government of Spain approved in the last Council of Ministers in May the so-called Minimum Living Income. A monthly benefit for the most vulnerable households and those at risk of poverty that is paid by Social Security.

It is a social protection added to the current system that seeks to reduce the poverty rate in Spain by guaranteeing an income of 462 and 1,015 euros depending on the characteristics of the receiving household. Here we explain how to request the Minimum Vital Income online, with or without digital certificate.

The Minimum Vital Income can be requested through the Electronic Headquarters of the Social Security, whether you have a digital certificate or not

Two ways to request the Minimum Living Income

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The IMV has been established as one more Social Security benefit and, therefore, applications must be submitted to the National Social Security Institute, like the rest of contributory and non-contributory benefits. Although it has been announced that in the future it may be requested through city councils and also some autonomous communities.

For now, given the closure of offices due to the state of alarm, the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations has ordered Two options to request the Minimum Vital Income online through the Electronic Headquarters of the Social Security. Without a digital certificate, which will imply corroborating the data with the administration through the mechanisms that it establishes, and through an electronic certificate or the highly recommended Cl @ ve system; This last option is preferred by Social Security.

  • IMV application with electronic certificate or Cl @ ve system: To carry out the request for the benefit with an electronic certificate or Cl @ ve system, we will access the Electronic Headquarters of the Social Security and, then, the process to request the Minimum Vital Income that is available from June 15. As with the rest of the procedures we do with Social Security, we will be given different access routes and we will choose, in this case, electronic certificate or Cl @ ve system, having prepared both the certificate, which can be the DNIe, and the mobile phone, if we have chosen the other access route, because the device will receive the necessary pin to identify ourselves. After this previous process, it will be time to provide the personal data that they request, as well as the supporting documentation and / or responsible statement, with this model, committing to present during the processing the documentation that at this moment is not in our possession. All this through the interface of the electronic office and a PDF form. IMPORTANT: If we do not have an electronic certificate or are not registered in the Cl @ ve system, but a relative or acquaintance does, this can act as our representative in the process.
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Usual access routes to the procedures of the Electronic Headquarters of the Social Security.

Check if you can access the Minimum Living Income through the Social Security simulator

  • IMV application without digital certificate: To carry out the request for the benefit without an electronic certificate, a provisional measure adopted during the state of alarm, we will access the Electronic Headquarters of the Social Security and, then, the procedure to request the Minimum Vital Income that is It will be available from June 15 as we have said. At this point, we will choose the presentation without digital certificate and A form will be opened in which we will have to fill in the details of the applicant and the possible beneficiaries that are part of the coexistence unit. In addition, identification documents must be provided, such as copies of the National Identity Document or equivalent, as well as the documentation required to resolve the request and / or a responsible declaration in which the obligation to present the documentation that is necessary later is assumed.

In both cases, but especially in the application for the Minimum Vital Income without a digital certificate, It is important to check that the field referring to the phone number and email has been filled in correctly because they will be the communication channels that officials will use to carry out checks or requests for additional documentation.

In accordance with what was communicated by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, the maximum term to resolve the requests is three months from the date of submission. Likewise, it should be noted that applications submitted during the first three months (that is, until September 15) will have, if approved, economic effects from June 1, 2020 if the requirements are met on that date.

Requirements to collect the Minimum Living Income and how to solve doubts

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  1. Comply with the economic vulnerability conditions that are established: according to Social Security, this requirement is met “when the monthly average income and computable annual income of the previous year is less than 10 euros at least than the monthly amount guaranteed by the minimum vital income that corresponds according to the modality and the number of members of the coexistence unit “.
  2. Be over 23 years old (except if you have minors in charge) and less than 65.
  3. Reside continuously and uninterruptedly in Spain for at least the year prior to submitting the application and, in the case of foreign citizens, legally residing.
  4. For applicants who live alone, not integrated in a cohabitation unit, the Minimum Living Income requires have lived independently of the parents for at least three years prior to the application.

To solve doubts we can go to the section of frequently asked questions about the Minimum Vital Income of the Social Security website or call free phone 900 20 22 22 from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.