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how to backup all your content

27 mayo, 2021

Google Drive is one of Google’s main tools for storing our files in the cloud. Renovated a little less than a year ago to follow the new lines of Material Design, the service has managed to become, in our opinion, one of the best visually and functionally.

The article that concerns us today tries to explain how to make a full backup of your content to Google Drive. While the Big G cloud should be secure enough, it never hurts to have a local copy of our files for whatever might happen.

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One path, two access roads

Google Drive backup is done through Takeout, an option of our Google account that allows us to make a backup of all our data. By referring to all of them, we mean absolutely all the Google services you can imagine, such as Chrome, Calendar, Gmail, Photos, Google Play …

To access this section we have two options, the first is to complicate our lives, so let’s get to it. First, we will access the website of our Google account. Once in it, in the section Customize Google, click on Manage your data and customization options.

Google Data & Personalization

Within this section, scroll down until you find the section Download, delete, or create a plan for your data. Within it, you will see the section Download your data. This, as we have said, is the manual method. If you want to do it in a simple way, you only have to access from the web (but this is more boring).

Download Google Data

After accessing takeout, the scenario will be to have all the Google applications marked. Luckily, you will see the option to uncheck all, which you must press. Within the list, select Google Drive, and after clicking on it confirm that you want to make the copy of Google Docs, Music, Personal and Video (they are all checked by default). In addition, we have the option to download files in various formats.

  • Documents: PDF, RTF, ODT, DOCX, TXT

  • Drawings: PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG

  • Forms: PDF, XLSX, ODS

  • Presentations: PDF, ODP, PPTX, PNG, TXT

  • Spreadsheets: PDF, XLSX, ODS

Create Google Drive File

Once you have adjusted what you want to download and in what format, click next step, to access the menu where you can adjust the size of the file that you will obtain, its format (zip or tgz) and by which route it will arrive (email, within the Drive itself, Dropbox, OneDrive or Box).

After completing the process, Google will send us an email notifying that the backup has been requested, and on the web we will already have the file available for download. Depending on the content to download, the process can take from minutes to hours.