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How to beat Fire Vellumental Boss Fight pixiegames

2 julio, 2021

paper mario the origami king how to beat the fire vellumental boss Paper Mario The Origami King: How to beat Fire Vellumental Boss Fight

On Paper Mario The King Of Origami You will face four Vellumental bosses, each with their own fighting style and move set. The third you will face is the Fire Vellumental, a giant phoenix that uses fiery feathers to weaken your health as you move. This is quite a formidable foe to face unless you know what you are doing, but we will show you how to beat the Fire Vellumental boss fight and what strategy to use.

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How to beat Fire Vellumental Boss Fight in Paper Mario The Origami King

To beat the Fire Vellumental, you’ll need to keep one key thing in mind: the boss will remember his feathers and regain full health unless you extinguish them first. Because of this, it is extremely important that you only use your arms 1000 times at the right time. Take a look at the steps below to learn more about how to beat Fire Vellumental.

  1. First, do as much damage as you can with normal attacks (Iron Boots), making sure to pick up the blue x2 token each time for multiple attacks.
  2. Once the boss has ¼ health (this should be after three molten feather phases), switch tack.
  3. Open a chest to place the new tiles and aim to activate the Magic Circle of water as soon as you can.
  4. This will take down the boss, get one more normal hit, and then use his arms 1000 times.
  5. This sequence of attacks will be enough to kill the boss before he regenerates.
  6. Note that he only has two attacks after ingesting it with water before he regains health.
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Burning feathers will hurt you if you run into them | Jake Green / USG

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Firefill Rewards

For defeating the Fire Vellumental, you will get a couple thousand coins and then you will receive the Fire Bibliofold. This will allow you to use magic circles of fire hidden all over the world. There is one in Whispering Woods, read more about that here.

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How to beat Fire Vellumental Boss Fight pixiegames