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How to become a woman or a man with the FaceApp application

23 mayo, 2021

The fashion for gender change photography has returned thanks to an application that not only makes the transformation simple, but also very realistic: FaceApp. The application is available for free and there is no cost to change the gender of the portraits.

Trick photographs to change the way people look is extremely popular as app stores have countless related apps. Nevertheless, few work so well, and make changes with such realism, as FaceApp, a well-known application that has also been involved in various controversies related to its privacy. And the gender change adjustment is currently all the rage on social media: with a simple photo you can transform yourself into a man or a woman. Almost instantly.

Gender change, the ‘new’ success of FaceApp


The application accumulates more than one hundred million downloads on Google Play with a very high average of positive evaluations: 4.7 stars for more than 2.5 million opinions. FaceApp is not exactly new since it has been in the Android store since February 2017, but it has been renewed to balance the options it offers for free within the application. Like the rediscovered gender change.

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FaceApp already allowed you to see yourself as a woman and also as a man with a simple photo, but recently it adjusted its options to offer free gender change, a processed that offers much better results than those previously possessed. Thanks to that, the gender change has become a trend in social networks again. And it’s very easy to see yourself as a man or a woman with just one selfie:

  • Download and install the FaceApp application for your Android.
  • Open the application and accept the privacy terms.
  • Accept file access: required to upload images from gallery.
  • Choose a photo that you have already taken or use the camera to take a new one (permission is required to access that camera). Yes indeed, the image must have one or more clearly visible faces.
  • Once the photo is uploaded to the FaceApp servers, you can apply different effects: from getting old to the one we are looking for, the gender change. Click right there, on the ‘Genre’ tab, inside ‘Editor’.
  • Choose the sex you want and FaceApp will process the image on its servers. Then you will have the option to save the result to share it wherever you want.
Faceapp The gender ‘converter’ has an option with which to emphasize one’s own sex

Apart from the gender change, in the ‘Fun’ tab you can apply various changes to your photo even without deleting the previous ones, such as the well-known filter to get old or to rejuvenate. All photos can be saved with the FaceApp watermark. If you want to remove it, and have all the tools available, you can subscribe to the service from 4.99 euros per month; with a lower price if you opt for more durable subscriptions.

FaceApp and the privacy of photos


The processing of photos applied by FaceApp it is not done on the phone as the images are uploaded to the company’s servers, with the doubts about privacy that this entails. You must take this into account when using the application.

According to the privacy terms of FaceApp, updated as of June 4, the company performs the following actions with all the photos that are processed.

  • The application only uploads the selected photo, never the entire reel.
  • Each picture remains a maximum of 48 hours on the servers in case the user wanted to recover them. Then they are permanently deleted.
  • The photos are stored on the servers encrypted with a key that only the phone has.
  • FaceApp uses cloud storage services, such as Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.
  • The company collects some data on the use of the application, such as the activity carried out on FaceApp, device model and your ID.
  • FaceApp does not use the images uploaded by users for its own benefit. You can use the activity logs for advertising purposes (if you use the free version).