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How to block a hidden number on Android

21 mayo, 2021

Calls with a hidden number are still just as annoying than a few years ago. Although Android has improved in order to avoid calls with SPAM, in some cases it is not easy to block an incoming call from an unknown number. In fact, the most basic Google ROMs do not incorporate this option, so it is necessary to resort to third-party applications.

On the other hand, and luckily, there are several ROMs that allow blocking unknown numbers, so as not to receive their incoming calls. So let’s tell you how can you block such numbers, both in a custom ROM and in a Google ROM such as Android One or the one that incorporates the Google Pixel.

In a customization layer

Block Calls

Whether or not calls can be natively blocked depends on the personalization layer. In our tests we have verified that the heavier layers (MIUI, One UI, EMUI, etc.) have this option, while ROMs like Android One, Pixel ROM, or with little customization, do not allow it. Luckily, in the most personalized ROMs, the steps to follow are practically identical, so whatever the mobile you have, it will not be difficult for you to access these types of settings.

  • Open the phone app
  • Select ‘Settings’
  • Look for the option of ‘filters, or block calls’
  • Block unknown numbers
Block Calls On Android Depending on the ROM, the name to block calls will be somewhat different, although the process is practically identical. In this case we can see, in order from left to right, MIUI, One UI and EMUI.

Although each ROM calls this option in one way, the steps are identical: go to the settings and look for call blocking. If you can’t find this option in those settings, your phone does not have incoming call blocking, something that we will solve later.

Once you activate this option, its operation is the obvious. The phone will not receive any calls whose number is hidden, so you can not worry about them until you activate the function again.

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Through third-party applications

Should answer

If we look in the aforementioned settings (call app, settings, lock), in a ROM like Android One, we will observe that we do not have this possibility. However, we find several possibilities in the Google application store, which allow us to block calls from unknown numbers. The app that has worked best for us is Should I answer ?, which allows us to block unknown numbers, foreign numbers, not saved in contacts, negatively evaluated by the app’s user community, and much more.

Should I answer? is one of the most complete applications when it comes to blocking calls of all kinds. It has its own database that evaluates numbers, so if a number has a low score, it is probably SPAM

The app is completely free, it has more than a million downloads, its score is 4.7 out of 5 stars, and it was last updated in June 2019. Although its interface is not the most modern, is our opinion is the most complete application for this purpose.

Block unknown incoming numbers It is as simple as opening the application, going to the settings screen, and selecting the option ‘block incoming calls from hidden numbers’. The operation of this lock through the third-party app is identical to the solutions implemented by third-party ROMs, so this alternative is perfect for smartphones with simpler ROMs.

Should I answer?

Should I answer?