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How to block calls and entire prefixes on a Huawei mobile

24 mayo, 2021

One of the advantages of the customization layers compared to pure Android is that they tend to go further in some sections in which pure Android remains on the surface. Huawei includes several interesting additions in EMUI, and one of them is a complete system to block phone numbers.

All Android phones allow you to block phone numbers, although the options may vary or be more or less extensive. In the case of Huawei, a configuration is included in the Optimizer section with which you can manage in an advanced way which calls you want to block, being able to block up to whole prefixes.

Initial setup

In most Android mobiles, the normal thing is that the options on blocking calls are found in the phone application. Not so in EMUI, which for some reason includes it in the Optimizer app, accessible from the app drawer.

How to customize Android to the fullest

One of the sections of this app is Filter, which is where you can precisely configure the blocking of calls and SMS messages on your mobile. From this section you can see a list of all recent calls and messages that have been blocked (if any). A good place to start configuring is at Filter rules.


Before you start adding whole phone numbers or prefixes, it never hurts to check the general settings of the call filter. To do this, enter Call filter rules. You will find in this section interesting options such as if you want to have different rules for each SIM card (in case you have several), if you want to block all calls except the numbers that you add to the white list or if you want to block unknown or private numbers / retained.

Call filter

By default, none of the above options are checked, so the mobile accepts all incoming calls except those that are included in the black list. Now, if the black list includes phone ranges, exceptions can be added by including them in the white list.

Block numbers and prefixes in EMUI

If you want block phone numbers On a Huawei mobile, you can do it from the phone application, tapping on the information button and then on More, picking out Add to blacklist. Another way of doing it that implies that you do not need to wait for them to call you, is from the same section as before, Filter rules.

To block a phone number, you must enter Blacklist, and then press Add. EMUI allows you to add numbers to the blacklist in five ways:

  • Manually, writing the phone number

  • By prefixBy typing the beginning of the phone, all calls from numbers beginning with it will be blocked

  • From contacts, both recorded on the mobile and recent calls

  • From calls, being able to easily choose the numbers that called you recently

  • From messages, to block sender numbers of the last SMS messages you have received

Filter prefix

Choose the option that best suits what you need and that’s it. EMUI will automatically reject calls meet the condition, and the phone will not ring. What it will show you is a notification that a call has been blocked, although it can be deactivated.

If you want, hide the notifications

Every time EMUI blocks a call or message, you are notified by a notification. If you prefer not to know anything about it, you can change the configuration from the same section of Filter rules, tapping on Receive notifications.


There are three options available: receive notifications of all blocked numbers, receive notifications of numbers that have been blocked but are not blacklisted, and never send notifications. You can continue to see the calls that have been blocked from the section Filter of the Optimizer app.