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How to block users and emails in Gmail on Android

25 mayo, 2021

In recent years, the mass sending of messages and calls has multiplied to fill the spam inboxes on many occasions. Yes you receive too many messages of this type or from a specific user, you can easily block them.

The truth is that more and more companies are getting serious against the spam abuse in their services. It was the case of WhatsApp that just a few months ago explained that it would take legal action against those who make excessive use. In Gmail, at the moment, they have not gone that far and you can control it yourself.

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Block a user in Gmail

If you constantly receive messages in Gmail from the same user, you can block it. To do this, you have to follow some simple steps:

1.Open an email sent to you by the user you want to block.


two.Click on the three dots in the vertical position of the email. (Do not confuse them with the same symbol in the Settings of the application, located above).

3.Click on ‘Block’


Four.Once this is done, you will get a notice within the email itself in which it warns you to be careful with the message and gives you the option to unblock the sender just by clicking on it. All emails from this sender will go directly to the Spam tray.

Block emails in Gmail

In addition to blocking users, you can also block the arrival of certain emails to your inbox. For this you have several options.

Mark it as spam

It is the oldest option and probably the most effective. After opening the Gmail app on your Android mobile, you must follow the following steps:


1.Select the message from the sender in question (for example, a newsletter or promotional emails) by clicking on the circle on the left of the screen.

two.Click in the upper right corner on the icon with the three vertical dots.

3.Choose “Mark as spam”.

Once this is done, all emails from that sender will go to the spam folder.

Unsubscribe from mass emails

Have you registered on a website and it sends you a lot of emails? You may unsubscribe. To do this, open the Gmail app and do the following:

1.Open an email from the sender whose messages you don’t want to continue receiving.


two.Go to the bottom of the message and tap on ‘Cancel subscription’ or ‘Cancel preferences’. In case it does not appear, it is because the sender has not provided the necessary information for you to cancel the subscription. If so, you will have to mark the message as spam or block the sender, as we explained previously.


3.A sender page will open asking if you want to stop receiving further communications and asking you to indicate the reason. The text of the message usually varies, although the essence is the same. In our example, it will be enough to select any option and click on ‘Unsubscribe’.

Also, if you receive a large number of emails from a specific sender and you don’t open them for a while, Gmail will suggest you unsubscribe from the list.