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how to buy more space and available options

23 mayo, 2021

iCloud, despite its limitations, is still Apple’s cloud service, and its use is practically essential if we have one of the company’s devices. Apple gives us 5 GB when we open an iCloud account figure that, in these times, is quite short.

Therefore, it is convenient to know the different prices and storage options offered in iCloud, since it can be done more than necessary to expand our space if we want to enjoy backup copies.

ICloud prices in Spain

To see iCloud prices in Spain you can do it from its official website. However, the web is somewhat chaotic, since it shows the prices by country, one by one, making it somewhat tedious to find the price in Euros.







0.99 euros per month

2.99 euros per month

9.99 euros per month

ICloud pricing is set on three main plans. The first is the one that is included when we first open an iCloud account. They are 5 GB, enough figure to save our iCloud data to be able to synchronize information on other devices, but it will not be enough to backup media files. Little storage, yes, but it’s free.

If we jump to the next rate, we are faced with the option of acquiring 200 GB of internal storage for 2.99 euros per month. With this figure, if our multimedia consumption is medium, we will be more comfortable, since the files uploaded in the iCloud photo library will be able to roam freely.

How to free up space in iCloud without losing any files

However, if what we are looking for is maximum storage capacity, we must opt ​​for the third option, in which 2 TB are offered for 9.99 euros per month. This is the old 1 TB plan, storage that is no longer available for hire, since it has been replaced by this new plan.