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How to bypass passwords for .doc documents

26 mayo, 2021

We are going to show you two ways in which we can bypass passwords in Word documents in order to edit them, both for its 2000 and XP versions. These are manual ways to do it, although there are applications that already allow you to bypass passwords in documents, but they are paid applications, in any case we indicate the two examples:

  • Example 1:
  • You open a blank page of MS Word.
  • We are going to Insert -> File and select our password protected document.
  • We go to the tools menu and from there we select “unprotected document” and we will no longer need the password.

-Example 2: * You open your protected document in MS Word, although you will not be able to edit it. * Save it as RTF (Rich tech format) and keep it open. * While the new RTF document is open, go to Open File. * If it warns you that if you can change the situation of the document, from the MS Word menu you can indicate “unprotected document” and you will no longer receive password warnings.

Thanks to Gabriel who has discovered the instructions in the Google cache to be able to bypass the password of a protected document, since the original document on the web has been removed:

  • Example 1:
  • You open the protected document in Word.
  • You choose to save it as a website and close word.
  • You open the HTML document in a text editor
  • Find the label for a line which appears as ABCDEF01
  • Collect password
  • You open the original .doc document with a hex editor
  • You look for the hexadecimal values ​​of the password in reverse order.
  • Overwrite all four double bits with 0x00. You save and close.
  • Open the document in Word, select Options and choose unprotected document. The password will be empty.

-Example 2: * You open the protected document in Word. * You choose to save as Website and close Word. * You open the document in Internet Explorer. * You select the document with Ctrl + A * You open a blank document in Word and paste the content with Ctrl + V * Save it.

Thank you Gabriel for looking for me in the Google cache

Via | Juanma and Normalitynet