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How to calibrate the colors of the screen of an Android mobile

26 mayo, 2021

Although, in most cases, our Android phones come with the screen correctly calibrated, it may be that by personal preference you prefer to make some adjustments in the color balance. Here we will see how can you calibrate the screen color from your Android mobile. To calibrate the touch screen, read this other article.

We will focus on settings included within the mobile itself, as well as some special applications available on Google Play that can help you change how the colors are represented to better suit your preferences.

From the settings of your mobile

Before installing third-party applications, it is worth checking if your mobile has tools to adjust the color of the screen. It is not a setting that exists in pure Android -for now- so depends on whether the manufacturer has decided to add it or not. It is common, for example, in Samsung phones.

As it is an addition of each manufacturer, its location and options may vary, although it is most likely that it is within the Screen section from Android settings. In the case of Samsung mobiles, there are a total of three types of adjustments that you can make from there.

Colorsamsung Samsung color settings

The settings in this case range from simpler to more complicated. You can first choose between four default modes of displaying colors, while right below you can make one of the most useful settings when calibrating a screen: if you want color reproduction is cooler or warmer. Lastly, three sliders precisely change the values ​​of red, green, and blue.

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These settings are used to slightly modify the color reproduction on the mobile, but they have a main problem and that is that you need to know what you are doing. It helps you make an approximate change, but since there is no reference image that you can use, it is still … that, approximate.

With specialized applications

Colorco Color Calibrator

If your mobile does not have color adjustments, or if you need something more specialized, Google Play comes to the rescue once again. Color Calibrator is one of the most recommended and allows you to adjust the levels of red, green, blue and brightness. Works like a layer that overlaps the screen and it has some selected presets out of the box and the ability to automate profile switching.

Color Calibrator

Color Calibrator

The above app problem is once the same: you need a reference or an amazing eye for colors to make the appropriate adjustments. If you are looking for something more professional, you have ColorTrue. Remember when we said that you didn’t have a reference to know if you were making a good fit or not? Here it is … with an external device that you have to buy separately.

This gadget is used together with the app to measure how red each red is and the same with the rest of the colors, making the necessary adjustments for a better color reproduction on the mobile … yes, only within the same application.



In short, it is relatively easy slightly adjust how colors are rendered on mobile either with the factory settings or with other applications, but at the moment of truth no application is going to make the screen capable of representing a greater range of colors than it physically can, being governed by the classic “from where not there is no can be removed “.