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how to catch Detective Pikachu, plus missions, investigation and Aipom shiny pixiegames

2 julio, 2021

Detective Pikachu is almost here, and that means it’s time to Pokemon go to go all-in in a crossover event, and there is even the possibility of catch a detective pikachu of yours.

Turns out the movie is pretty good, so it feels good to celebrate it on Go. The Pokemon Go Detective Pikachu event has a ton of different bonuses including changes to Pokemon spawns, special raids, movie-themed research missions, double XP capture, a shiny new Pokemon, and, as mentioned, a chance to Catching a Detective Hat Pikachu Yourself: Though through very specific means.

The Detective Pikachu event will run through Friday, May 17 at 1pm PST.. On this page, we are going to list how to catch a Detective Hat Pikachu, the special field investigation missions, in addition to listing all the other bonuses for this event, just keep scrolling.

catch detective pikachu pokemon go Pokémon Go event Detective Pikachu: how to catch Detective Pikachu, plus missions, investigation and shiny Aipom

How to catch Detective Pikachu in Pokémon Go

In the movie and in the original Nintendo 3DS game, two things distinguish Detective Pikachu. Both are pretty obvious. On the one hand, Detective Pikachu can speak, which is part of the detective mystery that is revealed in the film. But also, and perhaps most importantly, Detective Pikachu wears a hat. And we all know how much Pokémon Go developer Niantic loves putting hats on Pikachu.

If you want catch a Detective Pikachu in Pokémon Go, you can now, but only for a limited time and only as part of this special event. Also, unlike Pikachu with themed hat above, this one is not only randomly generated in the wild, but you will have to try a little harder.

Catching a cute Pikachu with the detective hat is pretty simple, altogether – the method is the same as that used to catch the weird and mischievous artist Pokemon Smeargle in Pokemon Go. Smeargle only appears through the game’s augmented reality camera, so you need to take photos of other Pokémon you’ve already caught. If you are lucky, it will photobomb you and appear suddenly in a photo you have taken. The same goes for Detective Pikachu.

Here are the broken down instructions:

  • Open the camera snapshot via the camera in the item menu or by pressing the camera button on a Pokémon profile page.
  • Take photos of Pokémon. Take as many as you want. When you make a backup to review your photos, you have the possibility to meet Detective Pikachu or Smeargle inside one of your photos, making photobombs in a funny pose. The game will have a huge impact when this happens; keep taking photos.
  • If your photo is photobombed, return to the map; there, on the map, you will now have the opportunity to touch and catch them as with any other wild encounter.
  • There is a limit of one Detective Pikachu per day. There is no brilliant way wearing the hat.
  • Er …
  • That’s all.

pokemon go detective pikachu how to catch field research missions Pokémon Go event Detective Pikachu: how to catch Detective Pikachu, plus missions, investigation and shiny Aipom

Detective Pikachu Field Research and Rewards

Every month, there is a game update that adjusts the list of Pokémon Go Field Research missions and rewards. May is no different, and she has a host of quests and rewards that stand out like the ability to capture the legendary and mythical Pokémon Latias, Latios, Ho-Oh, and Lugia. But Detective Pikachu is a big event, and that means it has its own list of Detective Pikachu Field Research Missions and Rewards.

These quests and rewards are great and use Pokémon from the movie. The names of the missions may confuse you if you haven’t seen Detective Pikachu or the trailers, as the missions relate to Pokémon in the movie and ask you to catch a specific Pokémon using slightly abstract descriptions. This is a bit different from other missions. A major reward here is a guaranteed ditto, which can help you progress through special research missions for Celebi and Mew. Without this mission, catching a Ditto is down to sheer blind luck, so this is a great time to mark those mission objectives.

All Pokémon it asks you to catch have their spawn rate increased for the duration of this event, until May 17.

Field research mission objective Reward
Catch the Seed Pokémon seen walking in a river. Catch Bulbasaur Encounter with Treecko
Catch Eevee’s fire-type evolution Catch Flareon Arcanine encounter
Catch the water-type Pokémon that is carried in a backpack. Catch Psyduck Magikarp Encounter
Catch 10 Jigglypuff, Aipom or Snubbull Ditto encounter (disguised as Zubat)

Shiny Aipom and Ambipom, plus a higher chance to catch Shiny Snubbull, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Psyduck, Cubone

An added bonus of the Detective Pikachu event worth talking about is how one of the event bonuses gives you a better chance of catching some shiny Pokémon. Spawns go up for all Pokémon featured in the movie, and that includes Pokémon with a shiny shape. While the shine rate doesn’t go up, more Snubbull or Psyduck also means more chances for one of them to be shiny.

There is also a brand new Shiny, Aipom, which means that Ambipom and its evolution now have Shiny Pokemon Go forms. Aipom is also one of the Pokémon with the highest spawn rates.

Detective Pikachu event bonuses and changes

Aside from the two big bonuses above, there are a few other rewards and changes to Pokémon Go that will run for the duration of the Detective Pikachu event (which, to reiterate, is until May 17 at 1PM PST). Here are some of the other bonuses you can expect to enjoy:

  • Some Pokémon from the movie will appear in Pokémon Gym Raids. Take a look at our list of Pokémon Go raid bosses to see who and their weaknesses.
  • Pokémon from the movie will appear more frequently in the wild. These include Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Psyduck, Cubone, and Snubbull, all of which have brilliant variants to catch to complete your Pokémon Go Shiny checklist, plus Jigglypuff and others.
  • Speaking of Shiny Pokemon, there’s a new one: Aipom. Aipom has a major role in the movie, and its shiny form is now being spawned with a standard rarity (so it’s very rare).
  • Capture experience / XP is doubled for the duration of the event, which means leveling up faster.
  • There is a selection of special Detective Pikachu items for sale in the shop.. This includes avatar items such as caps and shirts.

how to catch Detective Pikachu, plus missions, investigation and Aipom shiny pixiegames