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How to change (and remove) group administrators on WhatsApp

27 mayo, 2021

When you open one conversation between a group of people on WhatsApp, you are automatically assigned as the group administrator. As such, you have the right to add new members or kick them out of that conversation. But what if that administrator ever has to be changed? Many of us end up eliminating the group so that the new “boss” can recast it.

The truth is that there is a somewhat more sensible way to achieve it, since WhatsApp allows us change group administrator without problems as long as we are at that time. It is enough to access the list of users, where we will play with the status of each user.

In any group conversation, from Android / iOS / Windows Phone, we will click on its title to access its options. There, among other things, we will see the list of members and who is their administrator:

WhatsApp Participants

If we are the administrator, we have a free hand. We click on the person we want to “promote”, and in the menu that will appear we can select the option to achieve it:

Whatsapp Make Administrator

A note: note that when we appoint a new administrator we continue to be one, so that a group can have multiple administrators at the same time. Be careful who you choose to promote, because an administrator is able to expel the rest of the people from the group and eliminate the conversation completely.

If what you want is to pass the administration to another person and remain as simple members, ask the new administrator to do what you can read just below.


How to remove WhatsApp administrators

Anything else potato It is the option of being able to eliminate those administrators, so that people are “demoted” back to members of the group without management rights. Once again, in order to do this, we also have to be administrators. We return to access the list of options that appears after clicking on one of the members who is an administrator, and we remove them from the group. Yes, we removed it.

Whatsapp Delete Administrator

Once outside, we will add that person back to the group. When i do, will be a normal member again. It would not be bad for WhatsApp to include an option to remove administration rights directly, right?

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